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Choosing the Right Finish for Your Interior Walls

When it comes to painting your interior walls, selecting the right paint color is just the beginning. The finish or sheen of your paint is equally important, as it can greatly impact the aesthetics and functionality of a room. We'll explore different sheen for interior walls and offer our guidance on where each sheen is best suited.

Flat/Matte Finish: Elegant and Low-Glare

Best For:



Flat or matte finishes are known for their velvety, non-reflective appearance. However, these finishes are not the most durable and are less forgiving when it comes to cleaning. Due to their lack of reflectivity, they're not recommended for high-traffic areas or places prone to moisture and stains. They are excellent at hiding imperfections on the walls and ceilings. Flat or matte finishes are not washable.  


Pearl: Subtle Elegance with Easy Maintenance

Best For:

Dining rooms


Guest bedrooms

A pearl finish strikes a balance between matte and satin. It offers a slight sheen while still providing a soft, smooth appearance. It's more stain-resistant and washable than flat finishes, making it a practical choice for spaces that see moderate foot traffic but still require a touch of elegance.


Satin Finish: Smooth and Durable

Best For:



Kid's rooms

Living room

Satin finishes have a gentle sheen, making them ideal for spaces that need to withstand moisture, stains, and frequent cleaning. They're a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms where spills and splatters are common. Their durability makes them suitable for kids' rooms, too.


Semi-Gloss Finish: Shiny and Easy to Clean

Best For:

Trim and baseboards


Kitchen cabinets

Semi-gloss finishes provide a noticeable shine and are highly durable, making them a top choice for areas prone to high traffic and moisture. They're commonly used on trim, baseboards, doors, and even kitchen cabinets. Their high reflectivity makes them easy to clean, but they may highlight imperfections on the wall, so it's best to reserve them for surfaces that don't require a perfectly smooth look.


Gloss Finish: High Shine for a Modern Touch

Best For:

Accent walls

Modern or contemporary spaces

Gloss finishes are the shiniest of all and are typically reserved for accent walls or to achieve a modern, high-impact look. They're not commonly used for entire rooms as they can be visually overwhelming and may magnify surface imperfections. Gloss finishes are excellent for making details pop and creating a focal point in your space.



Choosing the right sheen for your interior walls is about finding a balance between

aesthetics and functionality. Consider the specific requirements of each room, such as traffic, moisture, and the desired atmosphere, to make an informed decision. A well-chosen sheen can enhance the overall look and feel of your home, turning a simple paint job into a transformative design upgrade.

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